WATCH Syrian Army's Successful Offensive in Hama-Idlib-Aleppo

The Syrian Army, backed by heavy artillery and missile fire, is continuing to take back control over several regions in Hama.
Syrian Army forces continued clashes with Daesh terrorists in northeastern Hama, regaining control of the villages of Job Zariq, southern Abu Khanadeq and Mazra’a al-Aw in southern Abyan.

The troops also captured another strategic region in northeastern Hama, a hill overlooking the village of Rasm al-Dahal north of the villages of Qanafez, after a fierce battle with terrorists.

A source in the Syrian Army also confirmed to Sputnik that elite assault units of the army have liberatedmultiple villages, all of which are located to the south-west of the previously liberated airbase Abu al-Duhur.
Russian aviation has been providing significant support to the ground-based Syrian forces.

The source added that control over the strategic height of Rasm al-Dahal will provide the army with control over Totah Hajilah.

The army also carried out a successful operation in the south of the province of Aleppo, where, after heavy clashes with terrorists of al-Nusra Front, the villages of al-Mulaham and Atshanah Sharqiyah were liberated.
The terrorists suffered heavy casualties and their military hardware was severely damaged in the attack.