Video | Kurdish forces accuse Turkey of using napalm in Afrin

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) suggested that the Turkish army used napalm in Afrin, during a conference on the current humanitarian situation on Thursday in Ayn Issa camp, Syria.
“Some suggestions are saying that Napalm was used, with shelling with Valcom missiles. If you make a search about these missiles you will see their strength and the way they work. Valcom missiles are like a mini nuclear bomb,” said Redor Khalil, SDF Public Relations Officer.
He also added that most of the locations shelled by Turkey were civilian locations, saying that several citizens were also kidnapped.
Khalil also claimed that despite its declared achievements, Turkey “does not exceed 500 meters inside Afrin lands”.

“This is Hammam village, the Turkish army had many times claimed it controlled it, but it is under the control of SDF,” the Public Relations Officer added, pointing at the map.

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