Syrian Forces deploy powerful armoured artillery rocket system to annihilate militant positions in East Ghouta

The Tiger Forces Division of the Syrian Army is deploying a Russian-made TOS-1A rocket system to combat insurgent groups in east Damascus.
The TOS-1A – which can fire 24 thermobaric rockets of 220-mm calibre in less than a quarter of a minute – will be used to demolish militant positions, trenches and other strong-points throughout East Ghouta.
The firepower offered by the TOS-1A has the effect of a flamethrower, living up to its Russian military designation as a “heavy flamethrower system”.
The concept of the TOS-1A, build by the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, is to overwhelm enemy tactical targets with point-bank saturation fire. The system is also heavily armoured (made atop a battle tank chassis) to allow it a better chance of surviving enemy fire should it come under attack

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