In Pictures +18 | Syrian Army kills many militants in Eastern Ghouta battle .

Yesterday , The Syrian Army led by Tiger Forces launched a surprise night assault targeting militants positions in Hawsh Dawahra town and its surrounding.
Led by Tiger Forces Tarameeh unit, The Syrian army managed to dominate the area and crush militants 1st defenses line in no time leading to capture of Hawsh Dawahra town , killing many militants .
Pictures shared online by Anna News reporter from Eastern Ghouta , shows number of militants killed by the Syrian Army in Hawsh Dawahra town .

The pictures also show tunnels hidden and converted to ambush the Syrian Army .
Today , Military source stated on Wednesday, that the Army troops succeeded in gaining control over swath of lands, estimated as 500 meters width and 1500 meters depth, located north of Harasta district (MAP)

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