Breaking | Turkish Army destroy Syrian humanitarian aid was crossing to Afrin

According to ” Hizballah Media war team ” , the Turkish rocket launcher targeted a convoy of humanitarian aid which was entering  Afrin from the Al-Zeyarh crossing
The convoy of humanitarian aid burned , and number of trucks were damaged

The Syrian Army artillery struck back  on Turkish rocket launcher
According to SANA , The Turkish regime forces and its mercenaries fired artillery shells on a convoy of vehicles loaded with aid and fuel and on civilians’passing cars on the road between Noubol and Afrin in northern countryside of Aleppo, killing one civilian and injuring at least 12 others.
the Turkish aggression claimed the lives of one civilian, injured 12 others and destroyed a number of cars, trucks and fuel tanks.
The injured civilians were taken to the hospitals in Afrin city and al-Zahraa town.

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