Breaking | Tiger forces repel HTS offensive , while Russian jets kill 50 militants south Idlib

Following the Turkestan Islamic party counter-offensive  which launched today , Afternoon on Syrian Army sites in eastern Idlib , the Russian Airspace forces started heavily took off from Hameemim Air Base .
Military source told Muraselon website that the commander of the Tiger Forces Brigadier Genera Suheil al-Hassan ordered to sent Tiger troops to repel HTS offensive on Army sites north Abu Al-Duhur
the Source told Muraselon exclusively that the Brigadier Genera Suheil al-Hassan led the Counter attack to restore the areas which the Army withdrew from .
Backed by the Russian Air force , the Syrian Troops were able to liberate all areas( Tall Sultan , Musherfih and around areas ) which have lost during the HTS offensive this afternoon .
the Source told Muraselon that the Russian raids killed more than 50 militants of HTS and Turkestan Islamic militants after heavy targeting their sites near the offensive axis .
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