Breaking: Syrian Army launches massive night assault in E.Ghouta, Captures strategic areas – Map Update

The Syrian Army led by Tiger Forces launched a surprise night assault targeting militants positions in Hawsh Dawahra town and its surrounding.
Led by Tiger Forces Tarameeh unit, The Syrian army managed to dominate the area and crush militants 1st defenses line in no time leading to capture of Hawsh Dawahra town, also SAA managed to reach the outskirts of Shifunyah town which is witnessing heavy clashes right now in attempt by SAA to enter and capture the strategic town as well.
The successful night assault witnessed the use of T-90 tanks for the first time in E.Ghouta and SAA units launched the swift assault after heavy non stop Russian airstrikes as well as SAA missile strikes targeting militant positions and movements in the area.
According to SAA source, the assault is far from over and we shall see more advance by the upcoming hours.

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