Breaking Map | Syrian Army liberates new 19 villages in Hama , Idlib , Aleppo countrysides

With the need to secure the eastern front of the axis that extending between the countryside of Hama and Idlib to Aleppo, the units of the Syrian army transferred their military weight towards eastern Hama , in order to liberate all the villages and towns located inside the besieged ISIS , HTS enclave.
After achieving their recent progress against HTS in eastern Idlib and southern Aleppo provinces, the Tiger Forces have been deployed in eastern Hama in order to continue their strict missions.
On Tuesday , afternoon, the Syrian Army with the elite Tiger forces managed to control over 19 hamlets in Hama , Idlib , Aleppo countrysides , following intense clashes.
Russian and Syrian air raids were carried out over ISIS outposts in various villages and towns inside the besieged enclave.
The Syrian army and allied forces besieged ISIS And HTS militants in a pocket that stretches 1,100 square kilometers into the countryside of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama.
Yesterday , the Syrian Forces were able to liberate many villages inside the besieged enclave ( Map )

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