Alleged PHOTO, VIDEO of Russian Su-57 Fifth Gen Jet in Syria

Russian and Syrian officials have yet to comment on unverified footage of the Russian fifth generation stealth fighter jet Su-57 allegedly spotted in Syria’s sky.
An image and video showing the Su-57, also known as T-50 or by its program name the Pak Fa (Prospective Aviation Complex of Frontline Aviation) have surfaced on Twitter when user Wael Al Hussaini posted them on his feed.
Hussaini also tweeted that Su-57 was deployed along with four multi-role air defense fighters Su-35, four close air support fighters Su-25 and a radar plane A-50U.
While the quality of the footage does not allow it to determine whether it is indeed the brand-new aircraft, Russian Air Forces have yet to confirm or deny the jet’s deployment in Khmemeim air base.

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