Afrin map update: Turkish-led forces keep advancing on YPG in northern Syria

The Turkish military backed by the so-called (Free Syrian Army) militants keep capturing areas from the YPG-led SDF forces in Afrin region in northern Syria.
Advanced from three different axis, the Turkish forces were able – today Thursday – to gain control over several villages from the YPG militants.
“Durqa” in bulbul area, “kree – Tal kree – Sharbani – Jaqla fuqani” in Rajo area, and “Diwan fuqani” in Jandaris area were captured by the Turks following clashes with the YPG, according to opposition sources.
Furthermore, the Turkish-backed rebels were capable to snatch multiple villages, yesterday.
Moreover, a battleground video footage released by the YPG press office, shows moment an anti tank missile targeting a Turkish Armoured personnel carrier vehicle (APC) in Bulbul area northern Afrin region.