Afrin map update: Turkish-led forces completely link Azaz to Idlib in northern Syria

The Turkish military backed by the Syrian rebels of the so-called “Euphrates shield” continue their wide-scale offensive across the Afrin region in northwestern Syria.
Turkish state media agency declared on Monday, that the Turkish army with the backing of “Free Syrian Army” took control over the village of Karmanluk in Shaykh al-Hadid, northwest of Afrin.
“Since the launch of the operation on Jan. 20, the Turkish military and the FSA have liberated 113 locations, including one district center, 85 villages, 20 strategic mountains and hills, and one YPG/PKK base.” The Anadolu news agency added.
Afrin region had recently witnessed the flow of Syrian popular forces to support the locals in countering the Turkish aggression.

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