VIDEO : Deir Ezzor city restores vitality with steady return of its displaced residents

The strategic city of Deir Ezzor has begun to restore its vitality after two months of the liberation achieved by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.
Deir Ezzor was besieged by Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization for more than 1,000 days.
The need for the return of all Deir Ezzor’s residents to their city is necessary for the revival of the city, especially with the prevailing of security and stability in parallel with the availability of all daily and basic needs of citizens.
Since its liberation, the city has topped the government’s priorities where a number of governmental delegations conducted field tours to it to inspect the city neighborhoods, markets and all its service facilities.
Touring the city makes you feel insistence of people there and strong will of all concerned parties to turn Deir Ezzor to be the Pearl of Euphrates again, as it was before the spread of terrorism in its alleys and neighborhoods.
Governor of Deir Ezzor, Mohammad Ibrahim Samra has announced allocating SYP 2 billion for reconstruction before the end of 2017, explaining that SYP 1.3 billion will be spent on building schools, rehabilitating hospitals, communications and streets.

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