Three Turkish soldiers killed in the last clashes in Afrin

The opposition’s Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced the death of 3 Turkish soldiers after fierce clashes with Kurdish forces near Afrin in north Aleppo.
SOHR added that battles ignited today between the Turkish forces joined with their proxy Euphrates Shield militants and the YPG on the Bursaya and Qast Jandu axes northeast of Afrin while parallel clashes took place in Bulbula area to the north and Jandaris and Raju axes south and southwest of Afrin.
According to sources, at least 13 militants were killed today from Euphrates Shield including 3 from the Turkish Army in addition to 6 fighters from the Kurdish fighters mounting to a total of 7 Turkish Army KIAs besides a number of injured soldiers since the launch of the military campaign on Afrin.
On the other hand, over 53 fighters from the YPG party and their allied self defense units have been killed since the operation took off while another 65 militants were killed from the Islamist opposition groups participating in the “Olive Branch” operation.
The SDF had announced earlier today the destruction of the third Turkish tank during the battles around Afrin.

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