Syrian forces eliminate three Iranian Islamist militants in north Hama (pictures)

With the aim of expelling the jihadist groups nation-wide, the government troops keep scoring important riddance against different rebel factions in Idlib and Hama provinces.
Al-Qaeda in Syria (HTS – Al-Nusra front ) announced on Social media that three leaders of Iranian jihadists have killed in Syria during the clashes with Syrian Army in northern Hama countryside .

The so-called ” Abu Yahia Al-Baloushi, Japan Al-Kordi and Abdalrao’uf Al-Kordi” a 3 Iranian jihadists belong to “Harakat Mujahidi Iran” faction were killed fighting the Syrian Army in Hama battlefield.
Similarly, in December 15th, the Syrian forces were capable to kill another 3 Iranian militants at the same region of northern Hama.

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