Syria Map Update: Syrian Army liberates dozens of villages in south Aleppo after seizing strategic road

Syrian Army units continued military operations in Aleppo’s southern countryside on Saturday with major breakthroughs: the government forces were able to secure the road between Khanasser, Tal Daman, and Jabal al-Arba’een after fierce battles with the terrorist groups spread across this region.
Military media stated that the Syrian Army and allied forces captured all the villages on both sides of the roads shortly after the aforementioned development.
This effort would come through after government forces would supplement the battle effort by advancing from Jabal al-Arba’een in the direction of Tal Daman meeting up with the advancing forces in western Khanasser.
Syrian Army units are now working in clearing the remaining villages east of the Khanasser-Jabal Arbaeen axis which are estimated to be 20 villages
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