Syria Map | Syrian Army returned to its points near the Golan Heights after six years

Following the significant achievement by finishing the years-long jihadists presence in the bordering farmlands of Beit Jenn area, The Syrian troops returned to its points near the Golan Heights.
According to military sources, the units of the 90th brigade of the Syrian Army have started to re-establishing its barracks at Al-Humer hilltops located on the east of Hadar town.
Al-Humer hilltops (Al-Tulol al-Homr ) are linking  Al-Haramoun mountain’s areas with “Jabbatah al-Khudh and Mashati Hadar” villages and situated on the Israeli-backed rebels’ supply routs in western Al-Qunaitra province.
The Syrian Army has also entered Biet Jinn village and its farms for the first time since six years , while the other Syrian unites started to clear mines from those areas .
Through a three-month military operation, the Syrian Arab Army has forced the armed terrorist groups to surrender in large areas after handing over their heavy weapons.

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