Pictures: American helicopter bomb Iraqi forces

An American helicopter killed 7 and injured 11 from the Iraqi Security Forces on Saturday after targeting several vehicles during anti-ISIS operations in Sharam al-Baghdadi in Anbar province.
The Sumerian News Channel reported that the leader of the local police Colonel Salam al-Obeidi and the president of the local authority Sharhabeel al-Obeidi in the targeted area were fired at as they conducted a meeting with the Sheikh of a local tribe.
An official statement by he unified command of counterterrorism forces in Iraq stated that government forces were conducting special operations to capture ISIS terrorists with support of Coalition forces when an unknown assailant threw a hand grenade on the security forces in the nearby house after which clashes took place.
An American helicopter noticed the clashes and began firing at the militant forces without realizing that they were Iraqi security forces.
Below are pictures of the incident:

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