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Pictures : 5 HTS’s top military commanders killed by Syrian Army in Abu Duhur battle

Militant media groups announced the death of five HTS’s military commanders during the clashes with Syrian Army -Tiger forces in Abu Duhur axis .
Militant media said that the HTS commander of  Abu Duhur axis ” Abo Musaab Al-Sourri ” had killed with other commander called Abo bieda in Abu Duhur battle .

ابو مصعب السوري قائد محور مطار ابو الظهور في جبهة النصرة , و القيادي الاداري ابو عبيدة

the Militant media also said that others three HTS commander had killed in the same area .
Photos shared online for those three HTS commanders ( below )

القيادي في النصرة ابو بصير دارة عزة

القيادي في النصرة أبو محمد زعيم

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