Map Update | Syrian Army liberates seven villages in last 24 hours in south Idlib .

The Syrian army troops backed by Syrian and Russia aerospace forces keep advancing in southern Idlib province, against the terror group of HTS.
Military source told Muraselon that the elite units of the Tiger Forces have liberated seven areas and villages in last 24 hours in south Idlib countryside after clashes with HTS militants .
” Hawa , Tall Umarh , Shiekh barakeh , Um Moulilat , Al-Kafie Mount , Al-Nasreha and Al-Luobieya” villages were liberated by Syrian Army after two attacks , the first at night , the other this morning .
By this liberation , the Syrian Army is 1.8 km to the strategic town of “Sinjar” .
The Air-force Intelligence shared photos from inside Sinjar that penetrated by ” SAA spy agents ”

Earlier , Military source told Muaselon , that all HTS reports about recapturing areas in south Idlib , are false , ” we don’t give them any chance to take breath ” the source added .

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