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Launch and hit: Syrian rocket launchers devastate rebel positions in Harasta (video)

The Syrian army carried out a massive bombarding using the Syrian-modified MRLs of “Golan-200, Golan 300” against the rebel-held areas in eastern Ghouta region.
Battleground footage released by pro government media outlet, emerges moment of firing missiles towards the raging district of Harasta in eastern Damascus.
Military source cited that “the Army bombing was concentrated on the orchards that located between Douma and Harasta where rebels firing mortars against the government-held of Dahiyat Al-Asad, killing and wounding scores of people everyday. ”
“The shelling over Harasta orchards may extend to a military operation against the organizations that have taken Harasta as their stronghold, most notably the terrorist organization Ahrar Al Sham.”

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