Kurdish SDF Report of Turkish Airstrikes on Dam in Afrin

Turkish aviation strikes on the dam in the Maidanka area in Syrian Afrin are threatening the lives of civilians, the media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said.

“Turkish aircraft have struck the Maidanka dam, which raises fears for the lives of civilians,” the media center said.

According to the SDF, clashes between Kurdish militia and the Turkish army, as well as pro-Turkish militants, continue in many parts of Afrin. In particular, fierce fighting is taking place on the Kastal Hill, which holds strategic importance.
The media center also reports that a female Kurdish YPJ fighter took out a Turkish tank.

“Female militia fighter Zeyluh Hamo, born in 1998, codenamed “Avesta-Habur,” set off an explosive device. The tank blew up, but Hamo also died,” an opposition spokesman said.

Since the launch of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria’s Afrin, about 86 civilians have been killed and 198 others wounded, the Syrian SANA news agency reported, adding that the offensive had caused damage to civilian infrastructure, residential buildings and archaeological sites.

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