High-ranking FSA leader assassinated in Daraa

Opposition media outlets announced the death of famous rebel leader in the Bunyan Marsus operation room Radad Ta’meh when a bullet braced his head on Sunday evening in front of his house Tariq al-Sad neighborhood of Daraa city.
Sources in the Syrian opposition stated that Abu Naboot (his nickname) was the military commander of 18 March Division, a Daraa-based FSA faction.
The murdered commander was subject to several assassination attempts before through IED targeting by unknown assailants.
In militant-held areas of Daraa, there is an overwhelming security failure on the part of the Syrian insurgents who struggle to prevent widespread assassinations and IED attacks
The MOK operation room had stopped financial and logistic support to the Syrian rebels of southern Syria after a decision made by Trump to end financial support to the operation room at the end of 2017

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