Good riddance: Syrian Army kills new batch of HTS commanders in Idlib battles (pictures)

Jihadists sources have mourned a large number of dead and wounded of terrorist groups during the past two days, as a result of ongoing battles in the southern outskirts of Idlib.
The sources said that the terrorist “Abu Mahmoud al-Dani”, the military commander of the so-called “Shahda al-Kahf Brigade” of the Idlib Free Army, was killed today during battles with the Syrian army in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Moreover, The terrorist “Abu Mahmoud Sha’aban”, who served as a military commander of the HTS in the Syrian desert, was killed along with “Ali Mamdouh Khalil”, the military commander of the Jund al-Haramain Brigade.

Also, The HTS has mourned the death of the military commander called Abu Mahmoud Sahal, in addition to the killing of the other leader Abu Hatem Sahal in Idlib.

The rebel faction of Jaysh Al-Ezzah has reported the injury of their military commander called ” Mohammad Mar’atti” along with 10 dead killed in Idlib within the last 48 hours.


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