Breaking | Syrian Army foils new Nusra offensive in Idlib’s southern countryside

A military source informed Muraselon that units from the Syrian Army and the Tiger Forces were able to repel a Nusra attack on Friday evening in several axes in the Hama and Idlib countrysides.
The source said that the Syrian Army blew up two VBIEDs near the villages of Rabi’ah and Khribeh southwest of Abu Duhour Airport neutralizing all of the terrorist group’s special forces and securing the village completely.
Army units had as well foiled a joint Turkistani-Nusra attack on Atshan in Hama’s northern countryside killing dozens of militants before declaring the village secure.
This comes after a day of an extensive Nusra operation on Syrian Army positions in Hama and Idlib, all turning to disastrous failures.
It is worth nothing that the Syrian Army resumed its operations in the direction of Abu Duhour capturing 3 villages east of the strategic airport.

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