Breaking: Afrin Self Administration officially calls on Syrian Army to protect Afrin from Turkey

The official Kurdish administrative bureaucracy that runs Syria’s Afrin region has called on the government in Damascus to protect the region and its people from the ongoing assault against it by Turkey-led forces.
Moments ago, the Afrin Self-Administration Office (a regional extension of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party) posted a statement (seen below) officially calling on the Syrian government to fulfill its duty to protect the region – a part of sovereign Syrian soil – from Turkish invasion by deploying its military.
The statement did make the effort to point out that Kurdish forces had protected Afrin from terrorists and invaders for the last six years and that they would continue to do so even once the Syrian Armed Forces stepped in.
A key part of the statement reads:
“We call out for the Syrian government to protect Afrin and Syria’s borders by deploying the Syrian Armed Forces to protect Afrin borders.”

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