Breaking Map | Syrian Army liberates Abu Duhur Air Base in South Idlib countryside

On Saturday ,The government troops resume its missions in the southern countryside of Idlib, aiming to advance north towards the years-lasting airbase of Abu al-Duhur.
Military Source said that the Syrian Army – Tiger forces –  launched an offensive toward Abu al-Duhur airbase from the south axis with heavy clashes against HTS militants .
The Source confirmed to Muraselon website that the Syrian Army fully control over  Abu Duhur Air Base after heavy clashes with HTS militants .
” Syrian troops are storming Abu Duhur village and surrounding areas ” the Source added
Syrian Army backed by Allies also advanced from its sites in southeast Aleppo countryside toward south villages in south Idlib , liberating more that 4 villages .
By this new liberation , the HTS , ISIS militants Have been completely besieged in Aleppo , Idlib and Hama countrysides
In 2015 , HTS was able to capture abo Duhur airbase , executed 30 Syrian soldiers .

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