Aleppo 2018 Map Update: Syrian Army captures most of southeast Aleppo

Syrian Army units and allied forces captured dozens of towns and villages in Aleppo’s southeastern countryside.
Military sources informed Muraselon that army units supported by allied were able to reign control over the strategic road that connect Khanasser to Jabal al-Arba’en through Tal Daman after fierce clashes with Nusra and Ahrar terrorists.
This morning, the Syrian forces concluded the mopping operations in all the villages in the northeastern axis from Khanasser removing most of the IEDs and mines left behind enabling displaced residents to come back to their villages.
Operations had begun in western Khanasser towards the end of 2017 and with the SAA’s advance into the depth of Idlib terrorist group spread around southeast Aleppo initiated a mass retreat allowing the Syrian Army to liberate about 30 villages within a few days.
According to military sources, Syrian Army units and allies are now 7 km away from friendly units east Abu Duhour.
Abu Duhour Military Airbase is located within the provincial boundary of Aleppo province whereas the town itself is located in Idlib province.
According to relative measurements Aleppo province is : 
SAA : 40.5% 
SDF 34.5%
Nusra/Euphrates Shield 25%.