Afrin map update: Turkish military seizes more territories northern Syria

Ten days after the start of the Turkish military operation against the Kurdish militants in the area of ​​Afrin, the attacking forces were able to advance and occupy a number of border sites with Turkey.
The Turkish-led forces took control of the strategic mountain of Bersaya following intense bombing from Turkish warplanes, Mount Bersaya is located in the northern axis of the city of Afrin.
Elsewhere in Afrin region, the Turkish army seized important points in the Rajo axis west of Afrin, where Turkish media announced the control of ​​Saati Shaghi and the town of Hebron, after clashes with Kurdish forces.
The Turkish army also controlled the Qustul Jendu area near the strategic mountain of Bersaya north of Afrin.
The Turkish air force continues to bombard many villages and towns in the area of ​​Afrin, leaving civilian casualties with a total of 82 people, including 20 children and more than 200 wounded.
The Observatory said that the death-toll of the olive branch operation has reached 166 during the fighting that lasted ten days, specifying that the Turkish-led forces about 81 dead, while 85 victims of Kurdish militants.
During the last few days, Kurdish forces repulsed numerous attacks launched by the Turkish army after they attempted to advance from the axis of Sheikh Hadid, causing dozens of deaths and injuries.

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