VIDEO | Syrian Army operations in Beit jenn pocket near Golan Heights .

Aiming to clear the small bordering pocket of Beit jenn near the occupied Golan Heights, the Syrian troops continue its military offensive, targeting Al-Nusra front sites .

Video footage of the operation was released by war media team shows the Syrian Army targeting Al-Nusra front sites in Mager Al-Mier village and Beit jenn farms with rockets and tanks .

The Video also shows a number of Al-Nusra front targets got destroyed by Syrian Army fire .

Earlier , the Syrian army has fire control of Tall Mrwan and Mughir Al-Mir village ,the Syria army was able to cut off military supply of Mughir Al-Mir village and the areas around .

Only 500 meters distance away from the main jihadists stronghold of ‘Mughir Al-Mir’ (Map )


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