Turkish-Backed FSA Ready to ‘Clean YPG Out’ From Afrin – FSA Commander

The Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) is on alert and waiting for the order to attack Syria’s Kurdish canton of Afrin, Ahmed Osman, the commander of the FSA’s Sultan Murad Brigade, told Sputnik Turkey.

While Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) in Syria has been almost destroyed, the FSA is going focus on the fight against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, the commander highlighted.

Osman pointed out that the FSA is preparing to launch the Afrin operation together with Turkey.

According to information received by Sputnik from sources in the FSA, Turkey, together with the FSA units, which previously took part in the Euphrates Shield operation, continues preparing for an offensive on Afrin controlled by the YPG.

Detachments of Turkish special forces have also been sent to the region. In addition, field hospitals have been deployed at the Syrian-Turkish border, as well as near Afrin and Idlib


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