Syrian Army to Beit Jenn militants: No reconciliation or negotiations with traitors

The following information is reported by the 7th mechanized division of the Syrian Armed Forces that operating in the small pocket of Beit Jenn near the occupied Golan Heights.

Five representatives of the armed terrorist groups tried yesterday to negotiate with the government on the subject of conciliation, The conditions were as follows:

1. The terrorists requested to be transferred to Bariqa in the Quniatra countryside, but the army refused.

2 – They returned and asked to transfer into Idlib, however their request was rejected from the Syrian government.

3. They suggested to surrender as the army enters their areas with a settlement while the weapons remain with them, but the army refused.

4. The army asked the Beit Jenn terrorists to hand over all off those who entered the occupied territories and dealt with the Zionists, but their representatives refused.

The army’s response was as follows:
No reconciliation or settlement except our conditions, otherwise, the military action will not stop until full liberation.

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