Syrian Army liberates two strategic farms in the Damascus countryside

Units from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued their offensive in the Damascus governorate today, liberating the Manbge and Hercul farms in the Beit Jinn pocket. Yesterday, pro-government forces liberated the Hankarrat area, situated west of the recently-liberated farms.

Militants previously used these farm areas to fire mortars and rockets towards the village of Harqa, located in northern Quneitra province. Furthermore, with the liberation of these two farms, the Syrian Army now has fire control over the militants’ supply lines from the town of Majur Al-Mier, to the eastern section of the Beit Jinn farmland.

During the Syrian Army’s offensive today, a number of militants from the Al-Nusra front were killed and injured, in addition to weapons and other military equipment being destroyed.

Pro-government forces also targeted terrorist forces in Tal Marowan, in a bid to surround the village of Mugher al-Mir in the southwestern Damascus countryside.

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