Breaking: HTS attacks east Damascus as Syrian Army defends

The jihadists of the Nasra and Ahrar al-Sham launched a suicide attack on the positions of the Syrian army in the axis of “military vehicles base” in Harasta north of the capital Damascus.

Driven by the Saudi nationality of “Abu Dujanah”, the jihadists sent a VBIED loaded by large amount of explosives, followed by heavy clashes with the Syrian defensive units.

The Army forces succeed in foiling the suicide attack destroying their booby-trapped vehicle on the northeastern of the “military vehicles base”.

At the meantime, The Syrian Air-forces are conducting air-strikes against the jihadists positions in nearby areas in order to halt the terrorists reinforcement.

A picture of the Saudi terrorist Abu Dujana, who led the booby-trapped and killed by explosion, according to pro-rebel media.


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