More than 4000 residents of al-Keswa to join Syrian Arab Army

Damascus Countryside Governor Alaa Ibrahim said that more than 4000 young men from al-Keswa area in Damascus Countryside, whose legal status were settled, want to join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army.

Ibrahim’s remarks came during a meeting in al-Keswa area which included civil and official figures and a large number of al-Keswa’s residents who are assigned or reserved to the military service in addition to dodgers.

The meeting was held upon a local initiative and in the framework of enhancing local reconciliations.

On 2016, al-Keswa along with a number of its surrounding villages in the southern part of Damascus Countryside have witnessed the accomplishing of comprehensive local reconciliations, where the areas were cleared of weapons and militants and the legal status of many of them were settled as the state institutions returned to all those areas.



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