VIDEO: Syrian Army demolishes jihadist sniper nest in Jobar, Damascus

A massive explosion rocked east Damascus earlier yesterday as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) destroyed a series of buildings that had served as sniper and monitoring positions for Failaq Al-Rahman (FSA) and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).

The buildings, located in the eastern part of Jobar, were blown up by a UR-77’s mine-clearing line charge launched from the western government-held sector on Saturday afternoon.

Daily skirmishes have engulfed the Jobar neighborhood since 2012 with neither side able to expel the other, often trading casualties for gaining just a few yards of territory instead. Most of the embattled district has been razed to the ground due to clashes while booby-traps and mines litter the entire area.

Although the vast majority of Damascus is under firm SAA control, two opposition enclaves still exist around the capital city. One pocket is based around a handful of suburbs in south Damascus while the other is located in the East Ghouta farmland on the eastern outskirts of Damascus.


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