VIDEO: Houthi forces fire long-rang missile towards key airport near Saudi capital

On Sunday, Houthi-led forces based in northern Yemen, launched a ballistic missile type ‘Burkan H2’ across the border in the direction of the Saudi Arabian capital “Riyadh”.

Yemeni sources cited that the Burkan H2 missile was fired towards the ‘King Khalid International Airport’ located 35 kilometers north of Riyadh.

”The missile was reportedly intercepted by Saudi authorities and did not cause any major damage, although a large explosion was heard forcing the airport to be evacuated” Houthi official said.

King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) opened for operations in late 1983. Until then, what is now Riyadh Air Base, served commercial flights to and from Riyadh. Increased international and local air transport requirements for Riyadh made the change necessary. Riyadh Air Base, which is much closer to the city center, is operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force.

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