Syrian Army liberates Hawija Kate island , captures 250 of ISIS. +( Pictures )

According to Military source , the Syrian Army Backed by (Syrian & Russian troops called ISIS Hunter ) have liberated  Hawija Kate island the largest ISIS-held island in Deir Ezzor .

ISIS Hunter shared an information about the military operation witch led to liberate Hawija Kate island .

ISIS hunter said that ” SIS surrendered to ISIS Hunters after several days siege of Hawijah Kate island  , Hunters captured more than 250 ISIS militia capitulated with lots of 7.62 and 12.7 ammunition and enough food reserves after the last way to retreat was cut off ”

” On November 14, Hunters joined a comb out operation of the island. ISIS was concentrated in the central and southern part of the island ” ISIS hunter said .

” At the beginning Hunters operation was complicated by heavy resistance and high-density fire. They used all range of weapons like ak-47 and machine guns hiding behind backs of local civilians ” ISIS Hunter added .

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” Nevertheless, Hunters kept moving with field artillery support. At night, our men spotted several boats heading towards the island and opened heavy fire. After several minutes of gunfire boats turned back and left their comrades on the island “. ISIS Hunter added

” The next morning ISIS started to surrender in groups of 10-15 men. Overall amount of surrendered militia is 250 men. Now Hawijah Kate island is secured. ” ISIS Hunter confirmed

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