Houthis threaten to torpedo Saudi warships with new ‘underwater missiles’

Houthi forces showcased what they claimed were their newest anti-ship missiles, threatening to target Saudi warships “very soon.” The warning comes days after a missile fired from Yemen was reportedly shot down near the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Houthi forces recently unveiled what they said was their newest “torpedo missile,” allegedly capable of hitting enemy targets at sea. A video uploaded by the Al-Masdar news agency shows what appears to be a number of rockets on static display. Each projectile featured a warhead, several stabilizers and a tail.

Shiite rebels, backed by Iran, claimed the new weapon, dubbed ‘Al-Manbab,’ could be deployed “very soon” against Saudi warships blockading Yemeni ports. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the video is authentic and the torpedoes are operational.

The lingering war in Yemen is steadily taking on a new dimension as the rebels deploy more modern weapons in their fight against Saudi-led coalition forces. On Saturday, Saudi Arabia’s Air Force reportedly shot down a ballistic missile heading towards King Khalid International Airport near Riyadh, the kingdom’s capital.

Responding to the reported attack, Saudi Arabia and its allies temporarily closed all of Yemen’s land border crossings, sea ports and airports. The kingdom also blamed Iran for aiding the Houthi militias, saying the latest missile launch could be considered an “act of war.”


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