BREAKING MAP: Syrian Army resumes Deir Ezzor offensive, takes back 2 towns from ISIS

The government troops continue its large-scale military campaign against the Islamic state terror group in extended areas between Deir Ezzor city and Al-Bukamal bordering town.

Spearheaded by the elite unit of the ‘Tiger Forces’, the storming troops managed – today Tuesday – to impose full control over the years-long ISIS bastions of ‘Al-Quriyah’ and ‘Al-Isharah’, southern the province.

Military source told Muraselon that the combat units fought heavy battles with the organization’s terrorists, killing dozens of militants, detonating 9 car bombs, 19 vehicles, confiscating weapons and ammunition.

The liberated villages of ‘Al-Quriyah’ and ‘Al-Isharah’ are administratively part of the Deir Ezzor governorate, located along the Euphrates River, 60 km to the south of the provincial capital.

On November 19th, the Syrian Army, allied troops in coordination with Iraqi security forces established full control over the bordering city of Al-Bukamal following days of battles. 



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