Breaking|| for the first time in Syria war, Hama-Homs Road reopened . || Pictures ||

Opposition sources confirmed that the Hama-Homs Road through Morak was reopened today for Commercial Transport.

The sources said an agreement between  Russian and the Syrian opposition led to reopening the road.

The road was closed for more than 5 years because the big part of the road is under Militants control, whose refused to open the road or any dialogue with the Syrian government.

Opposition sources shared a Pictures for the road after been reopened

Over the past years, the Syrian army launched several operations  in North Hama countryside to liberate the area and control the part of the road that is located in the northern Hama countryside.

Opposition sources said , The opposition ( Civil groups  ) will supervise the road and the transit movement ., the Syrian Army checkpoint will be in Suran village , and the The trade-point will be on the road between Morek ( under militants control) – Soran .



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