Syrian, Russian jets pummel rebel-held airbase in eastern Idlib

The Syrian air power in coordination with the Russian aerospace forces have conducted joint combat sorties against multiple targets inside the jihadists-held airbase of Abu al-Duhur in eastern Idlib.

Military sources told Muraselon website that the airstrikes were concentrated on large weapons’ depots in the airfield, that based on intelligence information.

According to rebel sources, 7 jihadists belong to Hayyat Tahrir Al-sham (Formally Al-Nusra) were neutralized by a Russian airstrike conducted over the Abu al-Duhur court building in southeast Idlib province.

The UK-based SOHR, cited that over 20 Russian airstrikes have bombarded the airbase of Abu al-duhur which is under control of the Turkistan Islamic Party and the HTS jihadists.

Abu al-Duhur Airbase was captured by rebels on 9 September 2015. The base had been besieged since September 2012.