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Syria Map Update || Syrian Army fully encircles ISIS key city in Deir Ezzor , reaches the Euphrates

The Syrian Army -Tiger forces – has managed to liberate several new neighborhoods inside the eastern city of al-Mayadeen along the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzor

Military source confirmed to Muraselon website that the Syrian units – backed by Russian air support – have liberated AL-Rashadeh  ,Tybeah roundabout , and pushed northern along the road to Al-Gisir neighborhood , closed to reach the Euphrates River.

By this recent advance, the Syrian units have completely encircled Al-Mayadeen city , SIS bastion is now under siege from the northern and southern axes. the Source Added .


The Source told Muraselon that ” ISIS reinforcements about 1000 foreign fighter were able to reach the eastern banks in front of the al-Mayadeen coming through the Syrian-Iraqi borders ” .

Russian & Syrian Air forces continuously targeting that reinforcements in East Bank , also the boats inside the Euphrates River which used by ISIS to cross into al-Mayadeen

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