Syria Map Update , Syrian Army Extends control in Eastern Hama countryside .

Backed by Russian Air force ,The Syrian army has launched a military operation To secure Sheikh Hilal – Ithria road in the eastern Hama countryside .

During the operation , The Syrian army backed by local troops ” Al-Qalamoon Shield “, took control over several villages and towns in northwest of the Sheikh Hilal – Ithria road after heavy clashes with ISIS and Al-Nusra Front ( HTS ) .

Military source told Muraselon that Shehata, Jab al-Abyad, Rahatah, Sham al-Hawa, Abu Liba, Joueid, Khirbat al-Ahmar, Wadi al-Zarzub villages liberated by the Syrian Army during the past week .

Past few weeks , ISIS Militants were able to control many villages west of Sheikh Hilal – Ithria road after heavy clashes with Al-Nusra front , Dozens Militants were killed in clashes between them .

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