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Syria Map Update | Exclusive : Syrian Army gains new ground In Central Syria.

The Syrian troops have recently achieved new progress against the terror group of the Islamic state’s enclave in the eastern pocket of Hama-Homs provinces.

A military source exclusively told Muraselon  that the Syrian Army liberated Akash Village witch located west of Soha town in eastern Hama countryside

The Syria Army also was able to liberate 7th points which located near oil line , the source Added  ( Map )


According to military source , the Syrian army liberated 3 new villages in eastern Homs countryside , Al-Kasmiea al-shamaliea , Rabiah , Mgayziel which located northeast of jubb al-Jarrah .

the operations resulted in the death of a number of terrorists , the engineering units cleared the controlled areas to dismantle the IEDs and booby traps planted by ISIS.

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