Pictures: Syrian Army seizes large ISIS bulwark in eastern Homs

Following the latest Army advancements in the eastern pocket of Hama and Homs provinces, The government troops continue its mopping-up operations across the region

Yesterday, the Syrian forces managed to discover one of the largest bastions of the Islamic state in Al-Bila’aas mountains chain, seizing weapons depots were hidden in deep caves inside the hilltop.

Al-Bila’aas – that is 50% under government control – is a natural reserve located in the south-east of Hama province long the Uqayribat-Palmyra highway. It is one of the most important forest reserves in Syria and is famous for a diversity of natural, pastoral, perennial and annual plants, as well as various species of wild animals and birds.

At the meantime, the Army – backed by local fighters – advances steadily against the extremist group of ISIS in the northeastern countryside of Homs.



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