Overweight German man who joined ISIS says that they used him as sex slave

Berlin | A 28-year-old German man who had officially joined ISIS forces in 2015 has recently escaped from Syria after he was allegedly turned into a sex slave by ISIS.

The young man, who had converted to Islam in 2014, had pledged allegiance to ISIS hoping to become a full-fledged soldier in its war against Western civilization.

Instead, he was rapidly turned into a sex slave for ISIS combatants, spending most of his time in captivity chained to a bed, dressed up as a Western-style woman and performing sexual services on ISIS soldiers daily until his recent escape.

“I went there to fight but I guess they had other plans for me,” he told reporters, visibly ashamed.

“Upon my arrival, they kept pinching my ass, rubbing my nipples across my shirt and whistling at me,” he said.

Dressed up like Marilyn Monroe

Hermann Gottlieb, 28, says he was drugged the first week upon his arrival and woke up chained to a bed where he would spend most of his eighteen months of captivity.

“They forced me to dress up with wigs, lipstick, and makeup all the time. One of the commanders had a fetish for Marilyn Monroe and would even make me watch movies of her so I would talk like her,” he told reporters.

“They kept feeding me and feeding me, one soldier told me they wanted my breast to get bigger by overfeeding me,” he recalled in tears.



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