Map+Video : Syrian Army regains more territories along eastern bank of Euphrates , Dier Ezzor

Propelled by the Russian airstrikes, The elite Syrian units of “ISIS Hunters” and the Syrian Republican guard continue rolling on ISIS-held areas along the eastern bank of the Euphrates river, east of Deir Ezzor city.

On Monday, the Government troops stormed ISIS positions in eastern Deir Ezzor, managed to liberate 2 villages, Al-Salhiah and Al-Husseiniyah, killing scores of terrorists.

Following this advance, all ISIS supply lines inside the city of Deir Ezzor and in Hawijah Saker island are completely cut.

A footage published by the Syrian MoD YouTube, features aftermath scenes from inside the recently restored village of Al-Salhiah.

On the southern axis of the oil-rich province, the Army – yesterday – took control over Buqruss Fuqani and Buqruss Tahtani that located west of the recently liberated city of Al-Mayadeen.

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