Map update: Syrian Forces secure more areas near Hama-Aleppo highway

The Syrian Army is in control of another 3 hamlets restored from Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (Formally Al-Nusra) in the northeastern countryside of Hama province.

Supported by the Allied forces, the government troops made fresh gains, liberating ‘Rasm Al-Sawi, Rasm Al-Ahmar and Mushairfat Adwan’ located 6 km to the north of Al-Shikh Helal town, military reports stated on Tuesday.

At the same context, Yesterday, the Army also captured 3 villages to the east of the major HTS bastion of Al-Rahajan town in the same region.

Earlier today, the Allies’ media – online – released an areal footage displays scenes of areal bombing using Television Guidance Missiles (TGM) against several HTS positions in Hama province.





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