Former US marine held captive in northern Syria

“I have not wanted to be too public lately but in the interests of my personal safety, but I have been pushed into a corner by my former bosses of the YPG and MFS.”

Kane Harlly, a Former US marine and a volunteer operating in the Syrian rebel faction of the YPG in northern Syria, says in a post on Facebook that he was held hostage by his own bosses.

Harlly didn’t give any further details about the reason of his arrest by members of the MFS; the Syriac Military Council, which is a part of the YPG-led SDF.

Appealing his friends and family, Kane said in his last post : “I am being held against my will in Tal Tamer, Syria, by members of the MFS, if you don’t hear from me in a day, then something terrible has happened to me, please help if you can”

Tal Tamer is a small town in western al-Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria, Originally inhabited by Assyrians, now predominantly populated by Kurds.

It is worthy to mention that his last post was either deleted or hidden from timeline.

Harlly descends from USA’s San Rafael in California as his profile on Facebook indicates.



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