Exclusive | Elite Syrian force gains 20 KM near Deir Ezzor – Almayadeen highway. Map

The government troops – spearheaded by the Tiger forces – had launched , since days ago , an operation against the Islamic state at Deir Ezzor- Almayadeen highway along the Euphrates river .

Military source cited to Muraselon website that the Elite Syrian forces – Tiger forces , Supported by the Russian Air forces , have liberated 20 km south of Deir Ezzor- Almayadeen highway , only 7 KM to Almayadeen city .The Source Added.

The tiger forces goal by This huge advance is To siege towns along of western bank of the Euphrates river , as they had done in Eastern Raqqa Countryside past .

Almayadeen city is The largest stronghold of the Islamic state in Eastern Dier Ezoor Countryside which is the main goal of this operation .

For HD map, click on the featured pic above

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